Our most well-known product are our top quality incubators. Suitable for hatching eggs from all types of birds, from chickens to the most exotic birds. The combination of the use of high quality products (sensors, actuators, insulation…) as well as our in house hatching experience and knowledge of state-of-the-art technology allows us to bring the most price qualitative high tech incubator on the market.

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Why choose Anitec Incubators?

Improved Hatch Rates

The combination of very accurate temperature & humidity regulation inside the incubator, as well as consisted regular egg turning dramatically improves good embryo development. This allows our incubator to achieve a near perfect hatch rate on fertilised eggs.

Energy Savings

The incubator is made of high quality insulation material. This keeps heat losses to the environment at its minimum. Besides this, due to an optimal control, no excessive water heating or air heating is performed. Hatching with an Anitec incubator can save you a lot long term.

Reliable & Safe

Due to its redundant design, the incubator is guaranteed to shut down in case of any crucial emergency. Next to this, a series of alarms can be triggered to warn you for potential issues, such as an open door or an almost empty water tank

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PRO 2000
PRO 4000
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